Client Testimonials

“Pounds family have been in business for many years. The genuine care they provided us before/during/after each installation, can’t be found at any major chain stores. Stop your search with the Pounds”

Mona, Austin, Tx

“I appreciate your careful packaging of my order of a 32oz bottle of floor cleaner. While the driver ignored the very visible ‘This side up / liquid contents’ stickers and left the package on its side, you both taped the cap and placed the bottle in a plastic bag which was then secured with a nylon zip-tie.

Add to that your starch packing peanuts (no Styrofoam — yay!) and taping the edges of the box flaps, and it’s no surprise that the product arrived in perfect condition.”

– D., Rhode Island

 “Everything arrived yesterday, safe and sound! Thanks so very much for your wonderful communication and service. If anyone asks, you earned an A+++++! Thanks again, and take care.”

– P., New Jersey

“Just got my order today of terry cloth bonnets. Thank you for the good service, and also sending along the floor cleaners and carpet cleaner spray, for me to try. I was especially impressed that you packed all the bottles very carefully. I’m sure I’ll be doing more business with you in the future.”

– J., California


“Thank you so much for checking into that shipping method! It is hard to find good products here, so I have to do most of my shopping online.

Give my thanks to Mr. Pounds as well, my husband and I are glad that you appreciate the work we do here overseas in the Army. Thank you.”

– S., Germany