Armstrong Touch-Up Kit S-1154
21st February, 2014
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Armstong Hardwood and Laminate Touch-Up kit is for blending scratches, nicks and chips.


This kit is made for Armstrong hardwood and laminates. Some colors include:

  • Acorn, Almond Tone, Amberglow, Amberwood, Antique Brown, Auburn, Autum Spice, Banyan Mahogany, Benedictine, Bittersweet, Black Coffee, Bordeaux, Burnished Sable, Brandywine, Brazilian Cherry, Brick Dust, Bronze, Burnt Cinnamon, Cayenne, Cherry, Cherry Spice, Cherry Amber, Cherry Fireside, Cinnabark, Cinnamon Mist, Cinnamon Stick, Clove, Cocoa, Coffee Bean, Copper Kettle, Copper Mine, Cottage Brick, Dakota Cherry, Earthtone, Exotic Spice, Exotic Shadow, Fall Canyon, Festival Noir, Fireside, Ginger, Kenya, Mediterranean Rustique, Merlot, Mink, Mocha, Molass, Ochre, Paprika, Redwood, Russet, Saddle, Sangria, Sedona, Sedona Red, Spice, Toasted Sesame, Tudor Brown, Warm Spice, Whisky, Wine Maker Harvest, Wood Berry, Woodland Walnut, Wrought Iron.
  • The Kit contains: (5) Filler sticks, (2) Touch-Up Markers, (1) 1/2 fl. oz of Urethane, (1) Sanding pad, instruction sheet and a information card.